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Classic male fashion is not dressing like a hipster!

If someone asked me what kind of male fashion do I prefer, I’d say without a doubt that a classic-male dapper style is the one and only fashion style. The problem with classic male fashion is that since 2010, it has been taken to the extreme by hipsters. These guys try to exaggerate the classic look in the same manner that buff gay guys take steroids to exaggerate a hyper-virility persona (by the way, many hipster are gay, just they try to pretend they’re straight, but that’s another topic for another time haha).

Because of hipsters, every time I go to a fashion store and ask for the classic gent’s section, I will be taken to the part of the store where they sell clothes for guys with awkward mustaches or messy beards and with those thick glasses. And don’t get me started on the pomade and the combover hairstyles. My god, it’s like hipsters spend half their week in the freaking barbershop just getting their sideburns done or trimming their tips. These same barbershops are actual hair salons, only they call them “barbershops”, and of course, these hidden hair salons charge you some crazy-high prices just like any other hair salon in town.

So for my readers, here is what classic male fashion is all about. If I can help at least one of you avoid the path of the hipster, then I sure will be one happy camper!

Do I need to say more?

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pompadour hairstyle with hair clipper

Nekroman pompadour hairstyle

I don’t know about you guys but today I learned of this dude called Kim Nekroman. The guy is scary looking as hell and is some kind of singer in some death metal band (whatever that is). The funny thing is that just the other day I overheard one of my friends talk about the pompadour hairstyle and how this Kim dude had some kind of new-age pompadour hairstyle. So I decided to check it out today while at work and I would have preferred not to have seen him

Sure this guy has a modern pompadour hairstyle, none of that fifties greasy hairstyles, but the dude looks as awkward and awful as that Marilyn Manson dude. Check out these pictures of his hairstyle.

the pompadour hairstyle of nekroman Nekroman with a pompadour hairstyle Picture of pompadour hair style

pompadour hairstyle with hair clipper